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So, here it is...

In a public post so there will be no question as to the future of the series. Feel free to link back here, if you like.

Yes, there will be a 5th book in the Soul Mates series. Possibly more.


I have not finished writing it yet, nor do I have a date when I anticipate it being finished. When that status changes, I'll remove this post as a sticky and I WILL post an update saying so. Nudging me will not make me write it any faster. Sending me rude, condescending emails where there are demands that I hurry the fuck up with it already and other choice words? Will not make me even want to TRY to get back to it any faster.

If it will ease some of the frustration, I CAN tell you that I'm not just lazing around eating bon-bons and not working. Frankly, I'd give anything and everything in the world for life to go back to "normal" and just concentrate on writing again.


If you can't understand that, please find another author to love.

ETA: I just wanted to say thank you for all of the kind words and the support. I feel terrible about not replying individually, but I think I'd be saying the same thing to everyone. Thank you, thank you, thank you. :-) *hugs you all*

Aug. 14th, 2012

On Monday, August 6th, 2012, we sang my Daddy into heaven -- Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound. At 7:15 a.m. he was no longer a prisoner trapped in a body that was a victim of the horrific disease called Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. We knew from the time of diagnosis back in 2009 that this disease was terminal. But every patient with PSP is different. Some live a good 10 - 15 years after diagnosis (mostly those diagnosed later in life), but many more are between 5 - 7 years.

He had 3 years from diagnosis. 5 years from onset of symptoms.

Caring for someone with a terminal illness is a strange thing. You look for signs that they're in this stage or that stage, trying to gauge how the illness is progressing, making subconcious notes that make you believe they've still got a ways to go. Daddy was always hardheaded, I guess. He never quite fit the stages. We thought we'd have at least another year of absolute hell and pain to go through. After all, Daddy was still able to communicate (even if it sometimes took 2 of us to try to figure out what he needed), he was full of humor, even though he was in pain, and as of the Friday before his passing, he managed to stand as I held him for his chair/sling to be re-arranged.

Today I went to the store for a few groceries and after I put them all away, I sat and cried because there was nothing for Daddy. That I didn't have one of his famous lists to carry with me in the store. And so I drove to the Dollar Store and bought a bag full of cookies and candy -- because that's what he'd have asked for. Dad's neuro said PSP could cause people to have intense cravings for sweets. We fought it for a while but there came a point where our Hospice nurses said, "You know what? If he wants junk, let him have junk. Give him his boost, his meds, and he'll let you know if/when he wants real food. We could care less about his cholesterol or his weight."

Good point, I guess.


I miss him terribly. I want so much to crawl into bed beside him. To massage his feet and his legs because they hurt so badly, even if the Sombre made my throat burn and my eyes water. I want to watch old westerns with him. Find a new series on Netflix (we just finished all 8 seasons of McLeod's Daughters and he LOVED it). Have him tease me about being behind on Facebook. And me tease him for being such an addict. We did tease a lot.

I'm thankful that he was spared the parts of PSP that scared him the most. The things he read about that would happen to him that would leave him terrified of going to sleep at night. I know God had a plan. And Daddy did, too. He went so far as to change his password to indicate that he knew that. I'd type it in every day and not think twice about what it meant...until Daddy was gone.

Jeremiah 29:11 -- "For know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

There's a lot that we, as a family, finally see in that scripture. One of the taglines of the CurePSP Foundation is that "hope matters"...Daddy never lost hope. He hoped to be able to witness to people in his love for God. He hoped for a cure. He hoped for more attention to be brought to this dreadful disease. He believed that if his being sick could help one person not have to go through it or for a cure to be found, it would all be worth it. And so he donated his brain upon his death so that it might be used to find some answers.

Daddy wasn't one of those stuck-up preachers. He was a cowboy preacher who still had a beer every now and then (ha ha...and then usually asked for his meds with it) and could cuss and have a dirty old man joke to toss in here and there, too. He love working with kids in the schools as an Educational Diagnostician, setting many on the right path when others had deemed those kids "un-saveable." He had an impact on so many.

One day I will see his smiling face again, hear his infectious laughter, his comforting voice, and feel his arms wrapped around me. Until then, I'm going to take his advice and "just do it". My future path isn't what I planned years ago, but I know in my heart that it's the right one. And I know it's the path that my Daddy would be so proud to see me follow.

Things are different now. We're confused, sad, angry, many emotions that are there one moment and changed the next. The grieving process has just begun and I'm sure it'll be a long process full of ups and downs. Part of me knows that there are things to be done, that life must continue on, but another part of me just needs to lay here in bed and cry for a while. It's hard to say goodbye because I know he'll always be with me. So maybe I'll just say, "See you later, Daddy. I love you high as the sky, deep as the ocean, big like the world."

CurePSP - Foundation for PSP | CBD and Related Brain Diseases
"because hope matters..."


Update: Clarity and Mark of the Beast

and Mark of the Beast have been re-released. If you’ve purchased & read these stories in the past, don’t worry, nothing new has been added. They’ve just had a bit of cleaning up and acquired some pretty new covers. Currently, both titles are available at Amazon and at Smashwords (in a variety of formats).



Mark of the Beast:

I am working on additional formats and as soon as I get things just right, they’ll go up at ARe and a few other distributor sites. I’ll let y’all know when I manage get that done. In the meantime, check out the pretty covers, designed by the most awesome Kirby Crow! :-)

(click covers to enlarge)

*Clarity, was part of Toy Box: Biting and published by Torquere Press in 2009.
*Mark of the Beast was a “Sip” published by Torquere Press in 2009.

Thank you...

I just wanted to take a moment thank everyone for all the thoughts, prayers, and condolences in recent weeks. All of the emails, messages, tweets, and replies were very much appreciated and every one of them were a source of comfort during a very difficult time.

May. 18th, 2011

I need ebook covers designed for several short stories. If you do cover art or know of someone else that does, please let me know or send them my way. Will also look at quality pre-made work. I'd found someone in the past that made some lovely, simple covers, but I seem to have lost their name/site.

Ronda, of Queentutt’s World of Escapism, was kind enough to interview me on her blog. There’s also a giveaway of the entire Soul Mates series. All of the novels as well as the short stories (9 in total) are included!

Click HERE to check it out!

Going Offline.

Due to a death in the family, I will be offline for a bit. If you need something from me while I'm away, the best way to get in touch is via my gmail or my website contact form (which is connected to my gmail). Everything will come to my phone, but I can't guarantee that I'll be able to respond right away.

Apr. 23rd, 2011

So, am trying to get some writing done. But while trying to work on one book, characters from the other are practically screaming, "LOOK AT ME!"

*not looking, not looking...okay, so I'm peeking*

I NEED to work on this one:

"Come, come, incubus. Let me fill you."


But I WANT (like, omg...want, want, want...gimme, gimme, gimme) to work on this one:

I drew my gun and pressed it beneath his chin. "Don't make me shoot you."



Dale’s been in love with Brandt – his best friend and sometime boss – from the moment they met on the ranch. For nine years, they’ve lived and worked side by side. It hasn’t always been easy and they’ve had plenty of words and fights, but one thing Dale is sure of is that the stubborn man he admires is someone he doesn’t ever want to be without.

But Brandt is straight. Or so he wants Dale to believe. He can’t seem to see his way through years of fear and hiding to tell Dale the truth. Better to let him think all they’ll ever be is friends. One night, however, Brandt crosses a line and everything between them changes – and not for the better.

Fighting’s easy. Making up is the hard part. Can they see eye to eye before it costs them everything?

Originally published in Cowboy Up!

Get your copy today!

Mar. 22nd, 2011

It's been a long time since I posted any sort of update. And I still don't have much in the way of news. All I can tell you is what I have been working on, how it's going, and what's next. But hey, I guess that IS news to everyone outside my head, right? ;-)

Soul Mates.

I've been working on the 5th book for a while. It's going as well as expected I guess, but it's a more difficult book than I thought it would be. There are things from earlier books that need to be wrapped up, current plot bits that need resolution, and then there are new bits that need to be set up for another book (same world, different POV).

The book and I kind of have a love/hate relationship. There are times when I think all is going well and I love it. Other times, I look at it and growl, wanting to do nothing but hit the delete button and start all over. Right now, I'm hovering somewhere in the middle, carefully working my way forward. I'm about 2 weeks behind where I needed to be on the book at this point, but I guess that's not as bad as 2 months -- or years!

And this next bit of news is something a few of my longtime readers might appreciate...

The DEA book (Target) is next.

It seems like every time I set a deadline in the Soul Mates world, my DEA guys just yell even louder. Richard is growly and demanding and even gun porn isn't keeping him occupied. Hell, I half-expect him to pop up in SM5 at any time and start "helping"...and that'd be a very bad thing. Ryan is currently being secretive, but it's more in a "pssst, come see what I found" sort of way. And I'm "Not looking yet, dude, so cut it out."

So, yeah....As soon as SM5 is wrapped up, Richard and Ryan will get my full attention.


Um, what else?

LiveJournal hasn't been sending me notifications for a while now, apparently. I logged in to find that I've missed quite a bit in the way of comments, messages, and friend-adds. Is it just me or has LJ been wonky with anyone else?

Somewhat behind on Facebook, other than friend-req's that I can confirm on my phone. Feel like I've been away from there for so long that I don't know what to post.

Email? Those of you who've known me for a while are probably laughing because I'm always notoriously behind. Yep, still behind. Will probably always be behind.

Twitter. Probably the best (and fastest) way to get my attention. It runs in the background on my phone and doesn't shut up unless I look at it.

And that's...all I've got for now, I think.  ;-)


Jan. 30th, 2011

Just wanted to send out a quick THANK YOU for all of the birthday wishes and messages. Every one of them was so thoughtful and so very sweet. They totally made my day.

The day was spent w/family & friends and I got to witness firsthand just how much my Daddy has improved with the increase in medication. Watching him walk across the kitchen without the aid of his walker (first time in over a year) was one of the best birthday blessings ever. I know, mushy moment... but hey, I had to share. ;-)

Also, I got a birthday wish from Jim Beaver on Twitter! How awesome is that?!

Nov. 16th, 2010

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to mychael_black2 !!! One of the best friends anyone could ever wish to have. I hope your day -- and the year ahead -- is full of nothing but great things.

Much Love!!!

Now, go smack some ass for your birthday!
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Sep. 19th, 2010

Several people have asked about my Dad's health issues that I alluded to here. What he has is a rare disease called Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (or PSP, for short) with Corticobasal Degeneration (CBD). Not many people know what it is, but we liken it to ALS to give others a small picture because it's very similar... but still a different disease. 

There is no treatment. No cure. What was supposed to take a few years to happen to him... has happened within a year and a half. He was basically diagnosed and only months later developed late stage symptoms.  His disease is more aggressive than it is progressive and we're struggling to deal with it and help HIM deal with it.

So, I hope you all understand that my mind -- and my heart -- are definitely not in my work.


Sep. 15th, 2010

I'm not quite sure where the rest of July went.

Or the month of August.

There was a time when I used to be really good at keeping up with LJ and posting at least once a week, if not more. I guess I just got out of the habit and then let it slide once it wasn't a regular thing anymore. Part of me says to just move on because, really, nothing I have to say is all that interesting. But then again, nothing ever was and I still managed to post without caring if it was lame. So, maybe I'll try to make this a regular habit again.

No, not maybe.

I WILL try to make it a regular thing. I need a place to vent, laugh, cry, and be silly. Life has been way too serious in the past couple of years and I need a place to get away and just BE. Even if it is a virtual place. :-) But fair warning, this LJ is -- and always has been -- more for me. Not just my writing/author stuff.

If you want "just the author, nothing but the author"... my website blog is the best place for that.

Jul. 7th, 2010

Dear Random Author(s),

It's important to put yourself out there and do some marketing. As an author, I know this. But today, I'm taking off my author hat and speaking solely as a reader. Right now, I'm doing more reading than usual because it's hard for me to concentrate and write in hospitals where there's the constant sounds of "Dr. X, line 2... Code Blue, room XX"...

I'm also able to check my Email, Google Reader, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and other accounts via my spiffy Android phone. The things I can do are kind of limited, but I can at least try to get caught up. So, today, I'm reading through Facebook and Goodreads and something occurred to me.

There's a fine line between getting your name out there in a good way... and becoming one of those authors I will NEVER READ because you managed to annoy me to tears. If you get put on that 2nd list, it's very UNLIKELY I'll ever read anything you put out.

Today alone, I have received no less than 23 requests/invites/suggestions from the same few authors.

-- If I have read your books and am a "fan" of yours, I will seek YOU out. There is no need to continually (and repeatedly) invite me to be your fan on Facebook.

-- Just because I might be a "friend" of yours on Facebook, does NOT mean I've read your stuff. It means that I accepted your request. That's it. If you annoy me to death by sending repeated messages/links via private message and begging me to be a fan, I'm out. I will delete you from my contacts and I will not feel an ounce of guilt over it.

-- When I delete you, there's no need to re-invite me to be your friend so we can start this entire process all over again.

-- There is also no need to continually (and repeatedly) recommend your book to me on Goodreads with a note attached saying that I will *love* your newest title. If I am a fan of yours, it will already be on my shelf.

-- Along that same line, I consider it tacky to rate and review your OWN books on Goodreads.

-- Don't start following me on Twitter and wait for me to follow you back, just so you can send me a Direct Message to tell me about your latest book (with buy links)... Then immediately stop following me so I can't reply to your SPAM in private. This makes me just a wee bit growly.

-- Is it really necessary to send out Promo/Excerpt emails to every single Yahoo group you're a member of... daily? I've gotten to where I'm seeing the same names, day in and day out. Guess what. I see your name so often that now I just delete it any time I see it pop up in my email.

Social media can be a wonderful thing. It can also be like getting put next to that screaming baby that you're trapped with on a very long flight. Authors whose posts/messages/actions seem to edge on desperation make me think of screaming babies... and all I want to do is get away.



A Few Things...

1)  The issue with the Kindle edition of Soul Mates: Bound by Blood is fixed. It's been fixed for several days now, but it's been so crazy around here that I didn't have a chance to post to let everyone know. So, if you were waiting on this to get fixed in the Kindle store itself... it's there with buy links and everything. ;-)

2)  I was going through email on my server last night to try to clear out some space (all emails are kept there for backup) and found quite a few hung up in the spam folder. I've adjusted the settings on this folder dozens of times, but it still catches legit emails and sends me junk. I'll get to them as soon as possible, I promise. Either way, I'll be sure to post when I'm caught up with them all.

3)  My girls started spring break last Friday and I'm spending time with them -- and J, who has his 7 days off right now, too. While I might be online here and there, I'm not working much at all until after 03/23/10.

4)  Okay, so 4 things make more than a few. But I just remembered that I wanted to ask for some thoughts on my website. While I LOVE the theme, I'm wondering if it's too image heavy for some that access it. Or too dark in regards to coloring. If you have a chance to click over and look, tell me what you think?

Also, if there's something NOT on my website that you would like to see there, let me know about that, too!

ETA: My FAQ page was updated in January, but if there's something you'd like to have added, please let me know.



A few days ago, someone emailed to let me know of an issue with the Kindle edition of Soul Mates: Bound by Blood. The book is listed in search, but there's no way to actually buy it. I emailed my publisher to see if they could tell me what was up. They checked on it and did what they needed to, but this appears to be an Amazon bug.

Since we first discovered this problem, I've received 9 additional emails asking how to buy the book for Kindle. I figured it was best to let everyone know that we (my publisher and I) were aware of this and that it IS being handled as quickly as possible.

So don't freak out.

-- The book is NOT out of print, nor is it close to being so.

-- This does NOT affect the print version of the book, ONLY the Kindle edition.

-- If you don't want to wait until this is resolved at Amazon, I believe you can buy the book in either non-secure Adobe, Mobipocket, or HTML at All Romance Ebooks or OmniLit and then transfer the file to your Kindle for a small fee. However, I don't know how to do it, so don't ask ME for help/advice on that. There might be other distributors who offer this service, but I'm not readily aware of them. :-)

Again, this only affects the Kindle edition of Soul Mates: Bound by Blood at Amazon.

Thanks for your patience!

Gingerbread Latte

For those on Twitter who asked for a recipe for the gingerbread latte, here's goes. Keep in mind, however, that I'm a constant recipe tweaker. I hardly ever use the exact same measurements twice. I also use Starbucks coffee, so it gets a little closer to the original than using... say, that Folger's stuff. :-)

Maybe think of the syrup as a recipe, but the latte as more of a guide.

Gingerbread Syrup:

1 1/2 cups water
1 cup sugar (or Splenda, if you want sugar free)
2 tsp. ground ginger
1/4 tsp. ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp. vanilla extract.

Combine all in medium saucepan. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes. When done, pour into melt-proof container and let it cool. Syrup will thicken as it cools. I like to add some bits of candied ginger to the jar, but I'm a HUGE ginger fan and like the added "gingerness".

Gingerbread Latte:

1 - 2 shots fresh espresso or very strong coffee (I use between 2 - 4 oz., depending on strength)
8 oz. steamed milk (can use non-fat, skim, or soy)
2 T gingerbread syrup (or more, according to taste)
Whipped cream
Pinch nutmeg and cinnamon. (optional)

In 16 oz mug, mix espresso/coffee with gingerbread syrup.


Add in steamed milk. You can heat the milk in a microwave, just make sure you don't let it get too hot.

Stir again.

Top with whipped cream and a little dash of nutmeg and cinnamon. Personally, I like to add a pinch of ginger as well.

*Note: For basic lattes of other flavors (vanilla, hazelnut, cinnamon dulce, etc), just use a different kind of syrup. At its base, a latte is nothing more than espresso, flavoring, and steamed milk.

**Also Note: This is without using an espresso maker, because I don't own one any more. If you have an espresso maker, then you already know how make espresso and/or steam milk with it.

***Final Note: I'm not that much of a coffee snob, really. But I can't do the Folgers thing and if I can't have Starbucks, I go with Stuart's or Berres Bros. If not those... well, then... I play the taste/smell game. But that's a story for another time.


New Moon - Movie

Since several people have asked about my thoughts on New Moon and 140 characters just isn't enough, I figured I'd post a few very brief thoughts. Keep in mind, this is my own personal opinion and I am NOT a fan of the books.

Oct. 12th, 2009

Since I haven't posted any character images in a while, I figured I'd go through and do it again. Keep in mind, this is how *I* see my guys... not how everyone else has to see them. There are a few I'm still looking for in the files and as I find them, I'll add them in. Also, some characters just don't have inspiration models yet because... really? How do you find the just right model for an angel? The guy I did have for Simon just got thrown out, lol.

Sabaan? I've got an email out to an artist in hopes she can capture him for me.

ETA: Nikolas isn't posted for a reason. The guy who inspires him is not a model and his image can't be shared/posted. Sorry!

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